Click here to go on Hazrit Sultan Bahu (R) Publications booksClick here to visit masjadia nabvi sharif (p)All original books written by Hazrat Sultan Bahu (r) you can read free in this site. All book were collected with hard work in original Persian language format of hand written formation and also justified that all these books are Hazrat Sultan Bahu (r)'s written books and then translated in Urdu language by Dr. K.B. NASEEM: Lahore, PAKISTAN. & Medina Monavarah, Saudi Arabia. This work was started before 1982 and first book was published in 1982. In this our site these books are present in both Persian and Urdu language, On each page write side Persian is written and in left side Urdu translation is present, So you can easily read in both languages, These books are also available in printed shape, Hazrat Sultan Bahu (r) says in his books that who read my books regularly he don't need any live Murshid/spiritual guider. In this site Most popular books like; Rasala-rohi-sharif , Kashf-ul-Asrar, Majalsa-tul-Nabi, Malfuza-ta-Sultan-Bahu (r), Tasavvra-i-Asmi Allah Zat Ka Tarika, Panjabi Kalam-i-Bahu (r), Noor-ul-huda (Qalan) and all other original books are available for free reading

Click here to go on Hazrit Sultan Bahu (R) Publications books

Click here to go on Hazrit Sultan Bahu (R) Publications

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